Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meet Jorey!

Joseph has a stuffed giraffe that he sleeps with at night. Lately he has b/c very attached to him and we take it whenever we go somewhere overnight or if he just needs so exra comfort. The giraffes name is 'George O'Malley.' My friend Marie bought it for Joseph before he was even born and named it the above moniker b/c one of our favorite shows is Grey's Anatomy. Since Joseph doesn't know how to say George O'Malley is calls him Jorey. When he gets in bed at night he immediately lays down on his pillow grabs 'Jorey', snuggles with him and then we say a prayer and lights out. In the morning when I go to get him the first thing he does is hand me Jorey and I give him a kiss and pick him up and leave Jorey in the crib and head downstairs. Its so cute how loving Joseph is to Jorey. Joseph has gotten so big so fast that sometimes I get sad that he really isn't a baby anymore. When he holds on to Jorey tightly, it makes my heart melt and shows me that although he is a big boy he is still my baby underneath it all!

Joseph and Jorey along with his favorite blankets that he sleeps with at night.


Looking under the bed for monsters...or just to grab his "tuckie" (pacifier) that went underneath his crib.



Kara and Colin said...

You still give him his binky? I thought that was over a long time ago? Gotcha about Jorey. Guess I haven't checked your blog for awhile!

Jess said...

Aww, that's so sweet!