Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a happy New Year and a great Holiday season all together!

I'm looking forward to starting a new year and everything that it will bring.
We're hoping for another baby this year, so please pray for us on that one! =)

Joey has gotten so big recently. Everytime I look at pictures from a couple months prior he seems so small compared to now. He is quickly growing out of his clothes, but we are so lucky to have a lot of "hand me downs" from Josh's bosses and new clothes from our family and friends.
Joey talks more and more each day. It is amazing to see what he understands. He doesn't know a lot of words but if I ask him to bring me his shoes or go get his tuckie (pacifier) he knows exactly where to get them. He's even to smart for his own good. Yesterday I caught him flipping over the laundry basket and climbing on top of it to reach the shelf below our tv. His new favorite thing is to turn on and off the lights. I can't tell you how many times I have cooked half our dinners by stove light b/c Joey likes the lights off. We also have to be careful about doors now. He knows how to open those too. Two weeks ago I went outside to turn our Christmas lights on and saw Joey quickly running to the door. I immediately shut the door only to realize I locked myself out of the house with Joey inside. I wasn't too worried at first b/c I figured he would open the door but he was all out sorts and crying that he was too hysterical to open the door. After 10 minutes of running from the front yard to the back yard in the snow I finally coaxed Joey to the back door where he could easily flip the lock up so I could open the door. After I got in the house I immediately scooped him up and held him close. I was so sad to see him so upset, but so grateful that he atleast knew to unlock the door.
Joey of course is such a silly boy. The other day I was getting ready to put Joey in the shower with me. I turned the water on and started to undress. I turned around just in time to see Joey close the shower door and get in the shower, clothes on and everything. He's a silly boy and that truely made me laugh from the bottom of my stomach. I love that everything is new to him. It's amazing to see the innocence and curiousity of a child.

Anyways, just a quick, long update.

We hope you all have a great New Year!