Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Great Sick of 2009

Ugh! What a week it has been!
Last Sunday Joey came down with the stomach flu. Thankfully it was fairly minor and only lasted about 12 hours. He was so cute and such a trooper though. He would lay down on the couch for a good 30 minutes at a time and then he would grow restless and want to get up. Each time he got up he realized why he should be laying down. Numerous diaper clothes, and blankets later Joey seemed to be feeling better later that night. After a full load of laundry (one day's worth), Joey was able to settle down for the night and felt much better.
Monday brought a day of rest and full recovery for our Joey Bears. Josh and I went to his Pain doctor's appointment for the Radio Frequency Procedure he was receiving. It basically cuts off all the nerves/feeling in his lower back so he could have some sort of relief from the excruciating back pain he has been in. They only did the procedure on the right side of his back and are going back next week to have the rest of it done. Josh was in some discomfort and sore from the procedure but he could feel a bit of relief. It takes a week for the procedure to fully take effect.
Anyway, back to the great sick.

Monday night I started not feeling well. At first I thought that the Raspberry Vinagerette Salad I ate with tons of fruit and vegetables was just too acidy for my stomach. But later that night I learned how to properly pray to the Porcelain God! Naturally in the course of Josh being off for a month, he had to go back to work Tuesday morning! I called my mom, MIL, and sister in plea's of desperation at 5am! There was no way I could take of Joey that sick. My sister was kind enough to come over and took Joey for the day. My mom and brother took the late afternoon shift and brought Joey back to me that night. I was so grateful and appreciative. Although I still wasn't feeling very well, I was ok enough to get Joey to bed with my mom's help. I went to bed promptly at 8:30 and heard Josh come home from work around 9. At 12am I heard the distinguishable sound of more "Buicks"! =) But this time it wasn't me, it was Josh. Poor guy! He got sick as well.

Wednesday, Josh stayed in bed all day and I laid downstairs. My Mom was nice enough to come and take Joey for part of the day. Her and her friend had planned to meet up and go shopping so she was willing to bring Joey along with her. Inside I was worried that Joey wouldn't act well with her (terrible twos) and I knew she was thinking the same thing. But when she brought him back at the end of the afternoon she said he was a perfect Angel! Way to go Joey!
I spent most of the day taking care of Josh and by that night I was feeling good!
Thursday I was recovered, but poor Josh stayed sick until Friday. Luckily he had someone to cover his office while he was out sick. He went back to work on Saturday feeling 90% and today he is pretty much all better. Oh and his back pain, is between a 2.5-4 on the pain scale. Mind you, he has been at a 7 or 8 for over 2 months, so we are extremely glad that the procedure he had done is working. Hopefully with the next round of treatment he will have no back pain. Fingers crossed!

Oh yah did I fail to mention that my Mom, sister, my brother, and his girlfriend got sick in the process?!?!?! Whoops, I didn't think about the contagious factor when I was so desperately needing a babysitter! Sorry Guys!
I was supposed to go down to Albany this weekend to visit my best friend Kara, but I opted to cancel. I felt worse enough that we passed on the stomach flu, I didn't want to spread it even further. Thankfully I will get to go down next weekend though!

So yes, this was the Great Sick of 2009. I pray that we don't get the stomach flu again for awhile. Josh and I will definetely be getting flu shots next year. Joey already gets them as part of his well child checkup, which is probably why he never got really really sick!