Monday, March 2, 2009

Lent, Girlscout Cookies, and organization.

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The last couple of days have definetely been busy for us. We have to always be very aware of what our house looks like at all times. Yesterday we were heading down to Lacey for Church and brunch with the family afterwards, but before we left we had to involve cleaning into our morning routine. Because a 'house showing' could happen at any time we always have to have our house staged to go. Since we were leaving for a couple of hours we had to have things already ready to go. Of course no one came to look at the house while we gone....go figure. I'm sure we are more likely to get a call right now while I still haven't showered and am in my pj's and the house is untidy. That would be my luck! =)

On the plus side, it is really nice to have a super clean house. It's weird b/c it feels so sterile, but so put together at the same time. I find myself always going the extra step and putting something away right when I am done with, folding the laundry right when its dry, and the dishwasher constantly being loaded. I suppose if we all lived as if our house was up for sale then we might always have a clean home without any effort.

Lent started last week on a high note. We have been working hard to really focus on our Christian values and so when Lent comes around it is always a constant reminder to try harder to resist temptations and to consistently try to involve Jesus more into our daily lives. The Lord has blessed us in so many areas of our lives that we are eternally grateful for all that we have, especially Joey. =)
For Lent Josh and I gave up junk food. I went one step further and gave up soda, Josh didn't want to dare enter that territory. =) Unfortunately I slipped yesterday with the soda. We've done well on the junkfood, so I don't feel like a complete failure. However those pesky Girlscouts just started selling their cookies this weekend! MAN! They sucked me in. Thin Mints and Samoa's (Carmel Delights) are my favorite. So I ask the question why do they always sell during Lent? Any other time of year would be great, but why Lent??? =)

Joey continues to grow and grow everyday. The other day he counted up to 13 with his Uncle Cody and he is calling his grandparents Papa and Mama, it is soooo cute! He has had a slight touch of the bug lately which results in me changing some less then pleasing diapers! Ewwwwwww!!! We've started planning his second birthday party. At this point I am unsure what the theme is, but I know it will be good.