Friday, July 24, 2009

Cuwering! (Coloring)

Joey has become quite the artist. Last month he really picked up the coloring kick. Mainly we use his easel to color on b/c apparently coloring books are not his thing. His first masterpiece involved my creative edge with some doodles provided by him. Hey don't laugh! Mom's like to color now and again. =)

At first I was able to leave Joey "alone" with the crayons. Meaning I was in the next room. But as soon as I bragged to my Mother in Law about him being responsible with them he discovered that crayons go well on the walls...and on the dresser, and on the toychest. I broke the news to Josh after I cleaned it up with a Magic Eraser. You should have seen his face. =)

So I present....Joey's masterpiece.

Our first go around. Joey has a thing for stickers so we broke out the post office 'priority mail' stickers.

This one currently hangs in our kitchen. It was a collaborative work between Mommy and Joey. I think Dad needs to make a frame for this one. =)

The "artist" in his room.