Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If Joey could write, he would write this.

A Bedtime Story
By Joey Callon

"Fine! My Mommy makes me go to sleep by myself. I'll show her what a "Big Boy" I am!

First I will pull off all my blankets, there is no Mommy to make me sleep in my bed.
Second, pile up all my toys next to me, just in case I want to play in the middle of the night.
Lastly, I am going to sleep on the floor! Blanket? check. Georgie? check. Tuckie? check. Lights on? CHECK!


*A side note from Mommy

Lately we've been working really hard on Joey being a "big boy" and falling asleep by himself in his "big boy" bed. It's been a very rough 2 months of getting him used to this, but for the last couple of nights I have not had to "lay down" with him and go "nigh nigh" with him. Which let me tell you, going "nigh nigh" with him has involved some very seriously skilled maneuvers to escape out of his room unnoticed and unheard. If this was an Olympic Sport I would be a serious medal contender.

Anyways, I don't mind that Joey stays up for a bit in his room after I leave. He normally turns the light on and then goes right back into his bed with a toy or two. Later on I sneak in and remove the toys and turn the lights off. But for some reason tonight, Joey decided that he would stay up for a long while and play and also sleep on the floor. I just went into his room and found him in the above picture. It was too cute not to take a picture. I couldn't help it!