Monday, August 24, 2009

A rare moment

If you know Joey then you know that the kid doesn't just stop everything he is doing to go to sleep. The kid will lead you on, play quietly, or be darn right evasive when it comes to bed time or nap time; which he affectionately calls "nigh nigh."
He is a heavy sleeper, but only after you can trick him into going to bed.

However a couple of evenings ago I gave Joey an early bath and some milk and sat him on Daddy's recliner to watch Monster's Inc. while I cooked dinner. Being my busy self in the kitchen I looked up after an awkwardly long silence coming from the living room only to find Joey completely passed out. A rush of victory and calmness enclosed me and I was so smitten with just how cute he looks when sleep overcomes his youthful busyness.

Of course the next day when he wakes up he realizes he missed out on the cake I baked, so naturally he needed to make up for lost time.


Kara and Colin said...

A sleeping Joey is a good Joey. A sugar eating Joey 30 mins later - not so much. :) Cute pics!