Saturday, December 17, 2011

Brothers and Best Friends

If you were to ask Joey who his best friend is, he would say without hesitation that it is Van.
Joey is the best big brother you could ask for.
He helps at the drop of a hat and is eager (over eager) to take charge of responsibilities that revolve around Van.

He loves having Van watch him play. And is always making sure Van see's all the cool things he sees.

The other day I was busy reorganizing Joey's room. Typically this is an activity that has to wait until one of Van's naps is occurring. But not this time. I plopped Van right on Joey's bed and Joey read numerous books to him and pretended that he was a teacher to Van.

No matter the situation, Joey steps up and lends a helping hand.

To be honest, we were worried how Joey would react to having a younger sibling. It's just been him for the past 4.5 years and he had our undivided attention.
From the moment Van came into our world Joey has welcomed him with open arms and a loving heart.