Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our many adventures

Today Joseph started back up with swim classes at the YMCA. He is a Super Shrimp now! Last session we started him in the Shrimp classes but he passed his way through that group with flying colors. He will stay in Super Shrimps until he is 2 years old, which is good b/c all the other babies in his group are a tad bit older, atleast almost 2 years old.

Its weird to see the vast difference between Joseph at 16 months compared to a kid at 2 years old. Physically, Joseph looks like a two year old, but developmentally, he is right on track for his age. I think most people forget or don't know that 2 year olds are way more vastly developed in skills then 16 months old. I can't wait for the upcoming months b/c I know Joseph will just blossom into a toddler. He will start talking more, listening to me more and being more responsive. Right now he is at the cusp between understanding what I am saying. While it is still hard to take him out to restaurants, b/c he throws fits and is very loud, I know that in a couple of months he will, for the most part understand what type of behavior is ok in certain situations. At this point the behavior would be very basic, but none the less, he will learn so much within the next 9 months, that by the time April rolls around he will be a kid and not a baby.

I look forward to see Joseph grow more and more each day. He is such a smart baby and has a really fun loving personality. He hardly cries, although, he does know how to thrown a tantrum. =) But for the most part, Joseph is perfect in my eyes. He is the light of our lives! Every morning Josh looks forward to seeing his bright eyes and big smile when he wakes up. Most of the time I don't let him wake Joseph up, but there are times when I give in and can't wait another minute for Joseph to wake up.


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