Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update #2 Josh

Lately Josh has been trucking along. About 3 months ago he reached for his alarm clock and hurt his back really badly. Those who know him know that he has always struggled with back pain but this last injury proved to be the breaking point. After numerous doctors visits it turns out he had a herniated disk near his upper back, but had been constantly dealing with extreme lower back pain. He had test done to see if he had Ankylosing Spondilits but he didn't test postive for the gene that normally is involved with that disease. Although it completely described his symptoms, the doctor didn't feel it was that. After being referred to a Pain Management Specialist that doctor determined he had disk degeneration disease, inflammation on the ligaments around his spine, etc. The doctor did several test and opted for Josh to have Steriod Facet Injections into his lower back. Unfortunately the injections did not work and in telling this to his doctor, the doctor prescribed three more series of the same ineffective facet injections. Josh felt that this doctor was not really listening to him and b/c of all the pain medications he was being prescribed did not feel that the care he was receiving was working for him. He decided to walk from that doctor and was referred to another Pain Management Specialist.

Mind you Josh has been in constant pain for three months. He was taken a shortened work schedule and has been forced to sit or lay down most of the time. There are occasions where his pain medication works extremely well but in the past month they have been few and far between. With his new doctor (he just started seeing him last week)Josh has been diagnosed with a bone spur on his spine, and an extra facet joint in his spine. It is extremely rare and was not picked on on the MRI he had with his previous doctors. The new doctor ran a test called a Medial Branch Block to see if the nerves would be altered in such a way that he would not feel the back pain. Thankfully the test worked, only for a couple of hours which is normal b/c it was only a test. To be sure the test is accurate he will have another Medial Branch Block done next week. If all goes well with that Josh will have an outpatient procedure to block the nerve pain. Needless to say we are very thankful for this new doctor.

Poor Josh has been through an awful lot. On a sidenote his office did sell 40 cars last month (very good) which in this economy is AMAZING! Josh is such an excellent manager. Even when he can't be at work he spends a lot of time on the phone checking in and pumping up his employees. Joey and I are so proud of him!

A favor to ask though. If you could please pray for Josh and his health it would be greatly appreciated. It's hard to see him in so much pain and discomfort and we all wish that the pain will go away sooner rather than later!