Thursday, May 28, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

For my birthday Josh arranged a little vacation trip for him and I to Las Vegas. We went 2 weeks ago and had a blast! We stayed at the MGM Grand and really soaked in the atmosphere. On the first day we rode the New York New York Roller Coaster and hung out by the pool. We went and saw the movie Angels and Demons that night because we were so excited to see it.
The next morning we set out to wander the strip and kill time before we met up with Josh's old boss for lunch. We ended up getting talked in to doing one of those dreaded timeshare presentations. It was actually pretty interesting and is something we are interested in doing later down the line. For our time we received free magic show tickets, a free dinner, and $100 in slot play! EXCELLENT! Before the show we did a CBS Television viewing for an up and coming show. We both didn't enjoy the show much, but thought it was neat that we were able to participate in the showing. The dinner and the Magic show was amazing. The magician took my wedding ring and hooked it to two other ladies rings and he let me hold them. They were definitely together and I don't know how he did it. He also made a grand entrance in a helicopter that came out of no where and made a jet plane appear for his grand finale! It was great.
After the show we saw the Water feature at the Bellagio and gambled for a bit.
The next day we hung out at the MGM Grand and played slots most of the time. We were both up for a little while, but we had so much fun playing side by side and drinking a bit. For the night cap we got dressed up and went to Cirque de Solei's KA. It was hands down the most amazing entertainment show I have ever seen. It was absolutely brilliant and stunning. We had front row tickets and we were right in the gist of the action. The actors were flying up in the air and one almost knocked us right in the head. After the show we took the Monorail down to the Mirage to see the Volcano Show which was really neat. We wanted to check out the Treasure Island Pirates show but unfortunately it went on at the same time as the Mirages. We ended up gambling at Treasure Island for awhile and I won a lot on the Wheel of Fortune Slot Machine. I even had a mini crowd around me b/c I got to spin the wheel several times and won 20 free spins. Cha Ching! =)
We were sad for Wednesday to come b/c that meant we had to leave. We had a morning flight and ended having a couple minutes of time to spare at the gate for me to play Wheel of Fortune again. I love that Slot game so much. I won big again and after we got to our gate in Seattle this guy came up to me dying to know how much I won. It wasn't much, but it was a lot to me. =)

In all we had such a great time. We totally want to go back again, but next time we will go for longer. We felt like there was so much we didn't see. So now we are saving up for our next vacation....Hawaii!!!

Enjoying a "YardStick" beverage

New York New York


The Lion at our Hotel.

A night out