Friday, June 5, 2009

My Silly Son

Joey makes me laugh everyday of my life, but lately it seems like he has taken giggles to a whole new extreme.

Here are some reasons why my son is so silly....

1. He calls Grandpa "Crap Pa"
2. He asked for a "Pop Tit" (Pop Tart) the other day.
3. He went thru a three week period where I would walk in his room after a nap and or nightime and he would be naked. Diaper off and everything, it got a little awkward so I became inventive and put little tighty whities over his diaper to keep him contained.

4. He has a new fascination for boobs. Not only is he two years too late, but he likes to make a public display of his fascination and will reach out and squeeze whenever he best sees fit. Ladies who hold him, you have been forewarned. =)
5. When Daddy dresses Joey you can almost guarantee that Mommy will laugh. My case in point....

6. On Mother's Day, Daddy and Joey got me a very nice bouquet of flowers and Joey picked out an extra special balloon for me. From the moment the flowers and balloon were delivered to my door, Joey did not let go of the balloon. You name the place he took it there. From first thing in the morning to last thing at night he held on to that balloon for days. Doctor's appointment, grocery store, car rides he held on to it. He even took it into the bath with him! If he had the choice he would have slept with it, but I had to put my foot down somewhere. =)


shelley said...

This was an awesome post to wake up to! How funny!!

Carly said...