Friday, July 24, 2009

Guitars, Books, and Popsicles

You may wonder what all of these have in common, well they are all things that Joey ask for on a constant basis. He especially ask for "Popsicles" all the time. The other day I woke him up early from his nap and in a groggy state his voice cracks, he rubs one eye and sits up and ask..."Popsicle?" I am not joking when I say that he atleast ask for Popsicles 100x's a day. Ask any one of my family members. Better yet, ask my sister, Holly, she falls for it and breaks down and gives him one. Silly Silly Silly.

How can you not resist this face?

Another thing Joey is really into lately is books. He's always been into books....well, more of just eating them. But for awhile he was really stubborn about me reading to him and would always shut the books on me. Now he can't get enough of them! I tell you though, if I have to read Clifford's Family, Curious George goes to the Airport, or Good Night Moon one more time I may burst. Currently he only makes me read "Good Moon" (Good Night Moon).several times before naps and night time. I do need to invest in some new books though, just to mix it up. People keep telling me to just check some out from the library but if you know Joey you would know that is not a good idea. Joey is infamous for taking apart book's spines and tearing the pages out. So for now we will stick with ones I can find that are cheap. =)

Lastly, in the midst of packing and pulling things out the closet I came across my old guitar I had when I was a little girl. I never learned to play, but Joey has taking a huge interest in the guitar. He always goes into our office and is looking for it. He knows how to hold it right and everything. It is so cute to watch him play and dink around the strings. Sometimes he tries to go Garth Brooks on me and slams it down, but luckily he hasn't broke it. For now I have hidden the Guitar though and have given him his electrical kids one to play with in the mean time.