Sunday, August 23, 2009

Heavenly Resort/Gondola Ride

We scored some sweet tickets onto the Gondola up to the Heavenly ski area. We've been on them before but the view is simply breath taking. Even Joey was amazed.

We had planned to go on a different day but the weather did not cooperate. We got all ready to hike and even got into the car when I looked at my Mom and said that maybe it was too cold to go up the lifts. It looked like it was going to rain and thunder as well and we decided there that we didn't want to risk it and get stuck up there if they closed the lifts down. Thankfully we had changed our minds b/c there ended up being a severe weather warning and the lifts did close.

The next day we made it up there. We planned on hiking around a bit, but by the time we got up there and walked a little distance Mr. Joey decided that he wanted to be carried. So Mom plus a 40 pound kid being held didn't add up well so we called it an early day. It was still really cool to be able to go up there again and take in all the beauty. Even though I know it is way more fun to go up on a ski lift when there is actually a bountiful amount of snow, just being there was enough.