Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hot August Nights

During our Tahoe vacation we also meandered over Reno to see my Dad at Hot August Nights. We also had to find a Firestone to get my tire fixed b/c apparently a large rock did a number on my rim. I discovered a flat tire on the way to the Lake one day, but was glad that I noticed it right away before I got to far from our timeshare.

We headed to Reno first thing in the morning and met up with my dad at the Silver Legacy for a breakfast buffet. After eating we wandered through the show of old classic cars. The place was packed an hour after opening so we headed into the convention center to hang out with my dad for a bit at his booth. He sells car lifts (hint hint, if you ever need one).

Joey sitting on Grandpa's lift.

He would only sit there though with the Grape Propel water Grandpa gave him.

"I see a dust trail following an Old Red Nova"
While kind of an inside joke between my friend Cathy and I, I couldn't help but take this picture. During the summer of 2005 when Cathy and I worked as resident hall slaves at SMU (conference assistants) =) we fondly fell in love with "Fast Cars and Freedom" by Rascal Flatts which mentions an Old Red Nova. While we loved the song so much I never knew exactly what a Nova looked until I saw one at Hot August Nights.