Sunday, August 16, 2009

Nevada State Museum and Virginia City

While vacationing the three of us hit up the Nevada State Museum in Carson City, the capitol of Nevada. The museum was very cool and unique and described how the valleys and peaks of Nevada where made during millions of years ago.
It was also cool to see all the ghost town back history and wild west stories. We also learned a lot about the Comstocke Lode and how so many people ended up in Nevada.
Joey did so well at the museum. We kept him in the stroller for most of the time for his safety and the safety of the museums items. He sure enjoyed it though and was particularly interested in the model mine that we got to tour underneath the museum.

A couple of days later we visited Virginia City, where a lot of the Comstocke Lode History takes place. Its a neat little town with wooden planks for sidewalks, lots of old saloons, and of course enough tourist shops to empty your pockets out. Every summer since Joey was born we have gone to Virginia City and gotten old time pictures taken of him. They always turn out so cute and this years is no exception. Unfortunately I haven't copied it yet so I will post later.

While there, we pretty much wandered around and gambled a little bit. We went with my Mom's best friend,Pam, my Uncle Paul and Pam's granddaughters, Corrine and Ashley. The girls enjoyed pushing Joey in the stroller and were so good to him.