Saturday, September 12, 2009

Puyallup Fair!

Yup, we did the Puyallup. My MIL, Joey and I were feeling very daring and braved the first day crowds at the fair. Admission was free between 10 and 12 so we waited in a traffic jam for an HOUR! But it was all good and almost humorous and Joey was so good.

We decided to take Joey's wagon b/c he has just about outgrown his stroller and I noticed previously that Wagons were everywhere at the fair. We walked with Joey for a little bit but the crowds were so big that it was almost too overwhelming for all of us. So I spent the best $2.25 cents of my life and bought Joey one of those cool swirly, multicolored suckers and plopped him in the wagon. It kept him busy for a good two hours!

Mom and I enjoyed Onion burgers, curly fries, and Funnel Cake. It was delicious! Grandma even bought Joey an ice cream cone that he absolutely loved.

We attempted to look around at the Hall exhibits but it was just too crowded to pull a wagon through all of the madness. So instead we made our way over to the barns and thoroughly enjoyed our viewings of Cows, horses, Chickens, and Goats.
Joey's face lit up everytime he saw another animal. We had so much fun and were so grateful that Grandma took us to the fair!

The before picture...

Laughing hysterically at the cow flapping it's tail.

Admiring the horsies!

Taking a good look at the chick chicks.

The after picture...


Leah said...

He is just too darn cute!