Friday, September 11, 2009

Meet Howie!

Hello Howie!

Howie is the latest addition to Joey's every growing stuffed animal family. He joins Georgie, Puppy, Yammy, and occasionally Mr. Elephant and Gibbs the dog.
Howie comes from a previous valentines day present given to my sister by her boyfriend. Seeing that he is life size and Holly is downsizing for her big move to Tennessee, she saw fit to give Joey something to remember her by. The first step was to remove the big plush heart pillow attachement that said "Happy Valentines Day" and the second was to give Howie some clothes. After an array of outfits were tried on Joey picked out a monkey shirt for him. Next up, naming the fella'. Seeing that Joey wouldn't respond to my repeatedly asked question, "what should we name him?" I found it compelling to name him as a replacement in Holly's absence. Therefore Howie seemed only appropriate. Since Joey has trouble pronouncing the l's in Holly he calls her Howie in a nasaly sort of way. So thats how we get Howie from Holly.

Seeing that he is ginormous Howie is not able to travel, but he does make for a great mommy alternative for when Joey needs extra cuddles at night. This also makes him the guard for Joey at night. Joey has been given the understanding that Howie watches over him at night while he sleeps, therefore he needs to be tucked in after Joey wakes up in order to catch up on sleep.

Welcome to Joey's bed Howie!

Sometimes hugs and kisses are in order

Sometimes other things distract Joey