Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silly Sunday

It seems like this is the first Sunday in a long time where we are actually having a normal Sunday. No plans, no real work needed done, no shopping, just staying at home as a family. I am really happy that Josh is getting a legitimate day off. He works over 60+ hours a week. Currently he is downstairs having a drink and watching the football game. Joey is napping and I am sitting her on the computer brainstorming ideas for my new blog project I hope to launch near the end of November.

I was going through my SD card and came across pictures I took yesterday that made me laugh so much.

First off, you know how much Josh and I love Harry Potter. Well I am proud to announce that I caught Joey yesterday thumbing through Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, even though Monster's Inc. was on.

While I was on the computer yesterday, after Joey finished with his Harry Potter, he decided that he would take out all the drawers I just emptied from some old dressers and brought each one into the office for me. Thanks Joey, but I didn't think an obstacle course was in our plans for the day.

Lastly, Joey and I decided to make Peanut Butter Chocolate bars. Well, he mainly stuck is finger in the dough and I made it. However he found it even better to taste test the peanut butter. The kid practically inhaled the peanut butter when I put it on a spoon for him. Atleast he is getting some protein...Right?

Showing off his treat.

I think the peanut butter stuck to his mouth.

Our finished dessert!


Meghan said...

Those peanut butter bars looks delish :)

New blog? Please do tell :)

Joey is so cute! You potty training? Noticed the undies. :)