Monday, September 14, 2009


I think my "seriously" post should be a weekly theme b/c I seem to have one of those "seriously moments" atleast once a day. Perhaps I could call it...Seriously Saturday, or something else completely dorky!

Anyways, yesterday I decided that the fingerprint smudges, the dried on yogurt and water marks should be cleaned from our fridge. So I grabbed the Stainless Steel Cleaner from underneath the sink and went to town. At first it seemed the fridge was getting clean and even the old sticky tape was coming off, but for the life of me couldn't get the water marks off. I scrubbed some more and noticed that the spray was very smelly. After a quick buffer I took a look at the fridge and it still looked crappy. I looked down at the can to check the directions and noticed that I was not using stainless steel cleaner, I had been using Grout Tile spray on sealer. Um no wonder it didn't clean it! I quickly wet down a cloth and started wiping off the fridge. I also looked at the sealer can and saw in big warnings to use in well ventilated area. Whoopps!
I grabbed Joey and went up stairs and opened several windows and turned on our whole house fan. We spent a couple of minutes upstairs to get the smell out and the fan did its job.

Boy did I feel like a dork. It's one of those stories that you aren't sure how to tell your husband what you did, or if you even should. The two cans were the same size and same nozzle so its easy to get them confused, but it also wasn't me who stores tile sealer in my cleaning cabinet.
Atleast Josh was nice about the whole story. He laughed at me. Actually come to think about it, I don't think he was one bit surprised it happened to me. Atleast there was no damage!