Monday, November 16, 2009

Chatty Cathy

Joey has become quite the chatty cathy lately.

The other day we literally had the same converation 50 times. I joke you not! It went something like this.

Saturday 11/14

Joey: "We go to Church?"
Mommy: "Yes Joey, tomorrow."
Joey: "We go bye bye, see Grandpa?"
Mommy: "Yes, after Church we will go to Grandma and Grandpa's."
Joey: "We see Grandpa Airplane?"
Mommy: "You sure can."
Joey: "I see tractor?" Makes tractor noise.
Mommy: "If you want to, I am sure Grandpa will show it to you."
Joey: "We see Bots?" (Spots is Grandma and Grandpa's dog).
Mommy: "Definitely, you can even give him treats."
Joey: "Where Jonah?"
Mommy: "He's at home."
Joey: "We see Jonah?"
Mommy: "On Wednesday, we will."
Joey: "JONAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"
Joey: " We go to Church?"

Try having that conversation with a two year old numerous times.
It was seriously so cute though!