Sunday, February 28, 2010

In like a lion.....

I can't even believe that tomorrow is March! Where does the time go?

Nothing really new to report here.
I did capture a fabulous picture of Josh the other day.
I am not sure why he was sleeping Joey's room, but he definitely stood out!

On the 19th we celebrated my parents 38th wedding anniversary by going out to dinner. My dad ordered the Flintstones Ribs and boy were we ever shocked! Nice Bib.

Joey got to be one of the boys that night. Josh had to work and typically Joey is better behaved at restaurants when Josh is around but he did well sitting with Uncle Cody and Grandpa.

My Mom and I got the roomier side of the booth!

Joey has been quite the au natural boy lately. The other day I caught him right after his bath looking out the big window in our living room overlooking the main street.

This one was one of the more modest shots I was able to get of him. It kind of looks like he is "holding up" binoculars. I then had to explain to him the finer points of modesty.

Yesterday Joey insisted that he go get his Leo figurine from Little Einsteins that he left in my car. He put my shoes on and was attempting escape but his efforts were futile. This kid just does not believe in pants!

I went to a baby shower yesterday for an old childhood friend of mine. I hadn't seen Lauren since high school but it was so good to catch up. We reminisced a lot and even remembered our plans to move to Santa Cruz and work at the local McDonald's. We were such silly kids.

It did turn out though that she had moved to Santa Cruz after high school and I had worked at McDonald's as a teenager so we both fulfilled parts of our plans. The shower was a blast and I even got to make her a super cute diaper cake.


Kelly said...

Too funny! My son is going through the same phase right now. I think he's close to potty training (he will be 3 in July). Practically every time we turn around he's buck naked!! :)