Monday, February 8, 2010


I can't believe I am even posting this story!
To preempt it, have you ever heard of failblog.org? My friend Shelley wrote about it on facebook the other day I have been hooked ever since? It's basically a blog with lots of pictures and videos of things that are ironic and are an absolutely hilarious epic fail of a mess. My story is neither ironic or an epic fail but it could have turned into one very easily.
On Saturday I noticed a charge for $40.47 on my account from Fred Meyer for the previous day. I remembered going there to pick up Josh's $10 prescription which was right there in the transaction history. What I couldn't figure out was the random $40.47 charge. I waited until today to call my bank to talk with them about the charge. They transferred me to the fraud department and told me that basically it would be a $50 fee to investigate the charge b/c it was a pin based transaction which means someone got my card and pin. I told them it was ridiculous to charge me a fee for something I didn't do. I then said I would call Fred Meyer myself. I called the store and was told to call corporate b/c they could look up the transaction. While waiting on hold through this whole ordeal I quickly hang up the phone.
I suddenly remembered that I had just filled up my gas tank on Friday at none other place but..........Fred Meyer.

What a failure! Although not an epic fail,that would have occurred had I actually gotten through to corporate only to have them tell me it was a gas charge. Boy did I feel stupid. =)

Now go check out failblog.org and maybe it will make you forget how much of a dork I actually am!