Tuesday, May 24, 2011

26 weeks

* How Far Along: 26 weeks? Just about 6.5 months along!
* Size of baby: Almost 2 pounds and about 14 inches
* Total Weight Gain/Loss: 20 pounds. I gained almost 10 pounds in a month. Not sure why, but the same thing happened at the same time while pregnant with Joey.
* Maternity Clothes: Fully in maternity clothes. I can still wear my regular stretchy pants, but as Josh so graciously pointed out yesterday that I was hanging out the bottom of one of my athletic t-shirts.
* Gender: A boy!
* Movement: He's a night mover, that's for sure!
* Sleep: I am not to uncomfortable with sleeping, but I do notice that I fall asleep quickly, but wake up constantly. Also, my sleep clock wakes me up at 5:58 every morning, which is good seeing that my alarm is set for 6.
* What I miss: I miss the feeling of having a normal body and surprisingly I miss working out. Not that I did it much pre-pregnancy, but I crave going on a run.
* Cravings: I frequently ask my boss if she is bringing in cupcakes to work.
* Symptoms: stretching, lower back pain, swelling, water retention, great hair.
* Best moment this week: A little girl in Joey's class asked me today what was in my stomach and then tried to lift my shirt up. She then asked if I had eaten my baby. That is a new one I haven't heard yet!
* What Joey thinks: Joey proudly wears his Big Brother shirt and was pretty upset yesterday when him and another kid got into a scuffle and his shirt got stretched out in the neck. I know he expresses excitement about the baby for now, but it's been difficult to explain to him that he can't "play" with him from the get go.

Belly Shot

Of course, Joey didn't want to be left out so he did his own belly shot.


Kara and Colin said...

Getting bigger! Yay!