Sunday, May 29, 2011

scene and heard Sunday

-For the first time in a while 2/3rds of the family is actually enjoying a weekend without big plans. Josh's work is open today and tomorrow for the Memorial Day Weekend Holiday. Joey and I have just been hanging out. We went shopping for a little bit today and to lunch at Red Robin with Paris. We hit up Kohl's and Joann's. I literally had to convince Joey that buying him new underwear is a good thing. For some reason he was adamant about no new underwear, until I told him that even the really big kids (me and daddy) wear them. I could have spent hours in Joann's looking around at everything and buying craft items but I stuck to some scrapbook paper and a wood plaque and paint for a present I am making for a bridal shower.

-I am still putting together the nursery...in my head. We really haven't done much in preparation for this baby and I am starting to get nervous. I am almost 27 weeks and in 3 weeks we are going on a 2 week vacation so I really am cutting it down to the wire it seems. I've started stocking up on diapers at a price point I am comfortable with, but not too much else is done. I feel like maybe I need an intervention or something or at least someone to force me to stop dawdling. It is interesting to see though how much more prepared you are for the first pregnancy then latter ones. By 27 weeks with Joey, I already had the nursery all ready and everything.

-Josh discovered not too long ago that Little House on the Prairie is on daily on the Hallmark Channel. Naturally I gave him a hard time about watching it at first, but to be honest, it has become one of our favorite things to watch at night. Each episode always has a good story and good lesson. I loved reading the books as a kid. In telling this to my sister and her boyfriend yesterday we got majorly made fun of, but who cares. It's better then the Jersey Shore...right?

-This week will be my last week of volleyball until after the baby comes. We won the league for the 8th time in a little under 3 years and we are going for an 8th championship as well. Next year Nationals are in Salt Lake City, but I am unsure of where we will be in a year from now. I imagine my life will be a lot different and complicated then it is currently. =)

-I can't end this post without a picture of Joey. This kid seriously cracks me up and it amazes me how independent he is. He knows how to pour his own cereal and milk without making too much of a mess and he emulates his dad perfectly while he watches TV and eats.