Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scene and Heard Sunday

This post is brought to you by a very tired Momma.

-I officially have 11 days of work left as the normal classroom assistant for schoolmates. I am starting to get sad, and am hesitant about leaving. Obviously I have to resign, but the kids there have been so amazing and wonderful. It has been one of those jobs that has been extremely challenging and fulfilling all at the same time. I have never had a job where my coworkers have been so nice and the kids are genuinely excited to see you. The great thing about this place though is, that even after I leave, I still get to come back and take Joey 2 days a week and see everyone there. I also have a good relationship with the office that I am sure me volunteering from time to time would be no problem.

-Tomorrow I enter 7 months of pregnancy and I can really start to feel it. Sleeping is difficult. It is almost a requirment to take a nap everday and I feel uncomfortable in almost any position I am in. Of course I will take the discomforts because being pregnant at this point is a miracle and Josh and I can't believe that after 3 years of trying to conceive we would be blessed with a second child; even though all the odds were against us.

-Last Wednesday marked the end of volleyball for me for atleast the year. We won the finals in 3 games...thankfully. I don't think I could have gone anymore games. I am going to miss my teammates, but hopefully I can get back into the swing of things come club season and winter league which both start in January of 2012.

-Josh continues to be such an amazing husband and father. Joey and him like to "work" in the garage and it's becoming a nightly routine for them. He is such a supportive husband and am so thankful for how thoughtful and loving he is.

-I've started full fledged couponing again after a several month long hiatus. The new tv show, Extreme Couponing has really changed the way coupons are being used and the amount of people using them in the area is crazy. It's almost a competetion now. If you want to partake in a good deal you better hope you get to the sale on the first day or get your newspapers before they are all sold out. The whole craze now is extremely frusterating because cashiers are less patient and even if you use a couple of coupons you are lumped into the "crazy" category. I miss the 2.5 years ago when it wasn't so complicated and less people where doing it, but I do love that more people want to save money though. Full price should never be an option. I have stocked up on atleast a month supply of diapers, but not all the same sizes, so I hope to still come across more deals soon. Tonight I am prepping for some good deals to take advantage of after I get off of work tommorow, but sleepiness is really starting to set in!

-The weather is starting to become warmer and Joey and I are getting in as much outdoor time as the heat will allow. We set up a slip and slide into his kiddie pool in yesterdays 78 degree weather, but the slide was neither slippery or slidey, even with water. Oh well, Joey hardly noticed. I like soaking up the sun and watching Joey play. I am so grateful that we have the whole summer to play just the two of us.

-Today was a nice day to rest and relax. We headed down to Lacey for Church with Josh's family and a nice lunch of IHOP afterwards. Joey and I snuggled for a 3 hour long nap and I cooked a delcious dinner of chicken and twice baked fully loaded mashed potatoes. While cooking I realized I was out of butter. I asked Joey if he wanted to go to the store with me real quick and he said yes. He very hurredly got our video camera around his neck and camera bag on his shoulder and said he was ready. I really wonder what kind of adventure/expedition he thought we were going on to the store.