Monday, August 15, 2011

Scene and Heard Sunday

-This past week marked my 37th week of pregnancy. My doctor's appointment on Tuesday was the standard, "check my weight, blood pressure and baby's heartbeat" type of appointment. I am curious to see if I am dilated and I did ask the doctor when that happens. Typically he does it at the 39 week appointment, unless I am contracting before then. This whole week I have been having contractions that are sporadic and typically come every other day or if I haven't been drinking enough water, so perhaps I will get checked this Tuesday for my 38 week appointment. Baby continues to move quite a bit, but not constantly like before. Poor boy, he has hardly any room in there to move around!

-On Tuesday Joey had his second dentist appointment in his life. Originally I was taking him to a kids dentist, but found out that my dentist takes kids as well so we switched him over. He did so well there and let them take "pictures" (Xrays) of his teeth; well at least the front ones, he didn't like the things he had to clamp down on on his side teeth. When it came time to clean his teeth he was such a trooper and had to tell everyone that the lady tickled his teeth. He received a "dental prize pack" including a new toothbrush and floss, which he proudly uses every day. He also joined the No Cavities Club which enters him in a drawing every month for a prize for the remainder of the year and a pick from the treasure box. I was so happy that he didn't have cavities. We brush daily, but I always hear stories of parents being completely shocked when their kid's well cared for teeth have severe problems.


-Joey has been Daddy's big helper in the yard and garage the last couple of weeks. It is funny because on Josh's day's off I hardly will see Joey because he is so busy following Daddy around and helping him. Somehow Josh was able to snag a UPS hat from a driver and gave it to Joey. Joey loves it, but isn't keen on wearing it all the time. However, with the hot sun, this Mommy made him put a hat on for extra protection on one of the day's they worked outside.

One of the things that Joey and Daddy like to do is have their "watering" time. Since it's summer I have been letting Joey stay up late to wait for Daddy to get home (around 8:15) so that they can go water the plants and the yard. It's become a nightly ritual for all of us and it has definitely benefited our grass and the flowers that Josh and Joey planted a couple of months back. Our Lilies look amazing and they smell just heavenly walking up to the door.

-Thursday and Wednesday were dedicated to sewing items for baby. I am so grateful that I have my Mom and Mother-in-Law to help me. They both know so much about sewing and have been able to help me in areas that I am unsure of. The confidence boost I get from their teachings has really helped me garner a love for sewing. Typically I get frustrated and want to quit when it comes to sewing, but now I feel like I am on some sort of sewing high that I don't want to come down from. I posted previously of the items I made this past week that you can find here.

-On Saturday Joey and I attended a Big Brother/Big Sister class at Tacoma General Hospital. It was geared toward helping siblings understand the basics of baby and some tips on how to help Mommy and Daddy. The instructor took them on a tour of the labor and delivery and postpartum sections of the hospital, plus a swing by of the cafeteria. They also watched a really cheesy and corny movie that had the kids giggling and the parents feeling sort of uncomfortable. At one time the weird guy instructing the video briefly explained breastfeeding and exclaimed it to be delicious and tasty and then licked his lips. We got what he was trying to say, but the early 90's video still warranted some uncomfortableness that only an adult would pick up on.
Joey did so well at the class and not to brag, was the best behaved there. I also may be biased but, the cutest one as well. He learned how to hold the baby and even told unrelated stories of Toy Story 3 and how he hears the babies heartbeat even though the instructor had simply asked if there were any questions. He had the room laughing and at one point a Dad turned to me and said that he thought my son was just so great.

-After the class Joey was invited to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. He's been there a couple of times with my sister, but I haven't been since I was little. It's definitely an interesting place and was crawling with kids. I liked that it was affordable and that it was geared towards the younger kid crowd (7ish and under)so I didn't have to worry about Joey getting trampled by a 10 year old not paying attention. Joey won lots of prizes with his ticket redemptions and I even got to put in a couple of games of Ski Ball.

Joey and the birthday girl, Eloquine.

Joey and Chuck E. playing.

-Yesterday we had all of Josh's brother's over for a BBQ. Uncle Robb had been saying that Joey was ready to take his training wheels off of his bike a week or so ago and I had said that I needed to get him a better helmet before that happened. Well, yesterday Uncle Robb and Andrea came with a brand new helmet for Joey and someone was eager to get those training wheels off and it wasn't Joey.
Although Joey wasn't quite sure about the wheels coming off Robb did such a good job helping him brave through it. With persistent work and help from Uncle Robb and our friend Craig, Joey has started to get the hang of riding without help. He needs assistance getting started with the momentum and he can go quite a ways balancing himself, however he has completely forgotten the concept of brakes and uses his feet to stop himself now. It's definitely going to be a "practice makes perfect" sort of thing, but Mommy and Daddy were so proud of him for getting the basics early on.

Josh made a delicious dinner of BBQ Bacon wrapped Chicken, corn on the cob, and a very tasty Peach Blueberry Crisp for dessert. He loves watching Food Network and really goes all out for Sunday dinners. He reminds me of my Dad though, excellent excellent cook, but they both use every single dish in the kitchen and there is always a much anticipated wait for dinner to be served.


Kara and Colin said...

Ski ball? lol. Skeet ball my dear. :) Looks like you guys had a super fun week!

Keana C. said...

really? I've always called it Ski Ball. who knows why?