Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Joey is official a preschooler!
Last week he started attending Immanuel Lutheran Preschool in downtown Puyallup. It came highly recommended by several friends whose kids also attend.
Our original intentions for Joey was to "preschool" at home and then start Kindergarten in the fall. But after the arrival of Van it was noticeably clear that Joey needed some time and attention away from the house. Two months into being a big brother, Joey has learned to entertain himself. He can sit at the dining room table for hours and play with his Legos and Hotwheels. If you know Joey, that is kind of a big deal given his attention span and energy.
He is only in his second week of school, but he loves it and he loves Mrs Biermann.
I printed out the sign he is holding from IHeartNaptime's blog. There are signs for all the way up to 12th grade.
Can you imagine Joey being a senior holding this sign?
Perhaps he will do it to humor his Mom.

One thing I love about Joey is that he is one funny guy. I could tell from a very young age that he is a comedian. The picture below is no different. He will give you one "real" pose, but then you have to take a silly picture as well.