Sunday, January 8, 2012


In an effort to be more unique with gift giving and to save some money I attempted to make some of the gifts we gave this year for Christmas.

I like sewing, but am not really great at it. I have the basics down, but I struggle with sewing in a straight line and I have no idea how to hand sew, even though I've been shown numerous times. These infinity scarves ended up being really easy to make but it was hard to get the concept down to begin with. I ended up "sewing" the last two inches of seam I couldn't complete on my machine with seam glue. Best.Stuff.Ever.
I like that scarves are light weight and are more springy in color. These scarves made great gifts for several girls on my list.

The wreath came to me in one of my mid shopping sprees at Joann's. Originally I was going to make this wreath wrapped in ribbon, but the beautiful bold colors of yarn caught my eye and my creativity took over. I matched some fat quarters to make the rosettes and sewed the hanging ribbon. This gift went to my Mother-in-Law for her blue room.

The jars were complete spur of the moment gifts. After wrapping the wreath in yarn I realized the possibilities were endless when it came to yarn wrapping. I used old canning jars and spaghetti jars to wrap yarn, ribbon and twine with. The back two jars went to my Mom since she likes blue and the skittle ones of course went to Andrea.

I am glad to say I have quite a few Harry Potter lovers in my life. Both pieces were ideas I got off of Pinterest. The framed art is nearly the same with the background words being lines from the books. The glasses ones went to my brother and sister-in law, Jason and Katy. They loved it so much they decided to make the theme of their nursery, Harry Potter. The other art went to my future sister-in-law Ashley.

The light switches are a personal favorite. I used Harry Potter font that I downloaded this summer to make our movie premiere shirts and my Silhouette program to cute the words out of vinyl. "Lumos", in Harry Potter terms means to use your wand as a flashlight and nox means "off". Hence the light switch. The black letter one went to Jason and Katy and I used the other part of the vinyl transfer to make one for myself using glue and glitter.

I really had a lot of fun making the gifts, but next time I need to allow myself more time. Nothing like finishing up gifts last minute on Christmas Eve!


Becky said...

You are so talented, not to mention also quite beautiful. The wreath looks so good in my blue room, thank you again. Love you lots.
The new layout looks fab.