Thursday, May 24, 2012

8 months

8 months has arrived and this is the month that you pretty much decided "I'm gonna sit-up, crawl, and pull up on things in the span of 3 weeks."

This is a very exciting time in your development and I am pleased about the progress you have made. I felt like I had been saying for months that you would crawl any day, so much in fact...I stopped saying it. So to my pleasant surprise, exactly a week after you started sitting up on your own, you took your official "first crawl."

And now? You haven't looked back?

You haven't figured out that the fence (for now) only leans to keep you in the family room. During the times I expand your discovering ground you go directly to Joey's Lego table (moved that real quick) or to loudly play with the door stopper in the kitchen.

In other areas, you are growing too quickly. You say "mama" and "dada" indiscriminately and you manage to down 3 jars of baby food a day! I am also proud to say that you are still 100% formula free. Now, can we make it to a year?



Born natural self sensor kind of kid.


Kara and Colin said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVE the bathtub picture! Little man is getting so big. :( Miss those boys!