Monday, January 14, 2013

Catching up

Obviously, its been a long while since I posted. After a big move, a new job and a really long bout of being fatigued and sick I feel like I am rounding a new corner and getting some of my energy back.

No energy you ask?

Here is one reason....

Midget energy thieves I tell you. The other day I caught them picking their nose, at the same time. Boys!

But, here is the real reason why the couch and tv have been my best friend for the better part of 4 months...

What! Say What?
Oh yeah, apparently the older we get the more fertile we get. And not that this was a shock, we just didn't think it would happen so fast. Remember when we tried for Van for over 3 years? We are talking one shot wonder here. Fertile Myrtle meets Super Swimmers. Gross, sorry kids.

Anywhooo, we tried to keep it a secret. I thought it would be a cool "Christmas announcement" but we made it all of a month, mainly because I looked and felt like hell in a hand basket and Joey started telling family I was sick all the time. Not to mention dry heaving while making breakfast really freaks out 5 year olds.

Of course family knew early on, but we opted to not officially announce until a couple days before Christmas, when I was 18 weeks along. Here is our clever announcement.

Did you notice the huge error in the picture? I didn't either until people started asking if this was from last Christmas. Really? That would have meant I got pregnant before I had Van. Correct years are important people. I had to really push out for this "belly shot." I considered stuffing the shirt, but let a little extra dinner take the place of that.

Last week we found out we were having girl. I still am in shock about it and Josh is so excited. For some reason, I just assumed another boy. We are so blessed.
The verdict is still out on Joey though. He is going through the whole "I don't like girls" phase and he can't fathom having a "girl sister." He is more interested in "coaching" Van in swimming. No joke.

Van just pokes my stomach. He knows something is up, but in the meantime he is fully content on empyting bread drawers and pooping in them (with a diaper on).


Kara and Colin said...

Oh my gosh. That picture of Joey in the bathtub reffing Van is hilarious!!! Love it!