Monday, September 21, 2009


OK so it's time for another "Seriously" Post.

Josh and I have this inside joke about saying each other's names in this deep, raspy voice. It's from a movie called "House Bunny" where Anna Faris' character has a trick to remembering peoples names by saying it out loud in this deep, raspy voice; kind of like a monster stalking you. We usually only do it when calling each other.

Anyways, I was busy trying to install our DVD player today and Joey kept grabbing at everything so I was distracting him by using that creepy voice. I would say all of our names; Josh Callon, Keana Callon, Joey Callon. I was trying to get him to say it but he wouldn't.

Fast forward a couple of hours. After dinner we decided to go on a walk. While putting Joey's shoes on he pauses from what he is doing, looks at me and says, "Josh Callon" in the creepy voice. IT WAS HILARIOUS!

Josh and I were just busting up laughing. It was great. We both agree that we cannot think of anyone funnier then Joey. This is the same kid who says "Hocus Pickles" and "Poopy Pants" all the time. The same kid who starts crazily running around the downstairs with no destination in sight and the same one who likes to look outside his bedroom window and yell "JON" all the time (Our neighbors).
Everyday he makes us laugh and his personality is just so awesome!


shelley said...

This cracks me up! Joey is a hoot!! :)

Leah said...

Hi Keana, Off topic from your posting but I am, and a few others as well, are wondering what Fred Meyer you went to when you did the Glade deal. The prices are varied from store to store. If you wouldn't mind posting again on my blog where you got your deal at I would really appreciate it :)

Leah said...

Thank You Keana :) Now get yourself into my Nature Valley give-away, cuz I know you like free stuff too!