Thursday, July 21, 2011

A mild summer

Sitting here enjoying a quiet moment between Joey going to bed and Josh getting home from work.

This summer has been surprisingly mild (compared to the heatwave that is spreading across the rest of the country). Upper 60's and low 70's are the norm and dare I say that I am loving it. I probably wouldn't say it if I wasn't 8 months pregnant and have no desire to be seen in shorts and tank tops!

Josh picked me this beautiful lily yesterday from our front yard. It smells amazing. I have never seen lilies this big (it's bigger then my hand)!

I am so glad that Josh and Joey planted these when we first moved in in March. Apparently it's against the Homeowner Association rules to plant anything without the approval of the board. We didn't know, and frankly think it's ridiculous. Recently they changed it so you don't have to get approval as long as its in a planter's box or pot. Wow...gee thanks.
We live in one of those homeowner's associations who are ANAL about everything. Which is surprising because there are only 10 homes in it. But that is a whole other story that I don't even want to get started on!

For the meantime I will enjoy the fragrance of our rebel lilies and the cool air that blows in through the windows.