Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to put on daddy's shorts

First...do not wear a diaper.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

V8 and school lunches

This morning I thought I was doing the good mom thing by packing an extra healthy lunch for Joey. Normally I fill his nalgene bottle with water but this morning packed a can of V8 instead. At dinner tonight Joey politely asked that I not pack V8 anymore. When I asked why; he said, "Because I spilled it all over the classroom. It got on the carpet and the tile and it took A LOT of paper towels to clean it up."

I am seriously shaking my head right now. Mom fail. Joey fail. His teacher must hate me!
I am sending this picture in a note to his teacher tomorrow. I hope she has a sense of humor.

More Joey quotables

"Mommy, I have two favorite girls. You and Lucy"

"oh yah, bud? I bet you have 2 favorite boys too!"

"No, I have 3 favorite boys!"

"Are you counting yourself Joey?"

"No! My 3 favorites are Daddy, Van, and God because he blesses us!"


"When I grow up I want to be a Seahawk and I want to have 3 planes. A Seahawks plane, a Jesus plane and a Safety plane."

"What's a safety plane?"

"A plane that takes pictures of scenery, like Aunt Ashley"

Monday, January 6, 2014

Joey quotables

"Mom, the bus driver was looking at us when we kissed and hugged this morning. I keep thinking in my head she thinks we have a marriage thing going on!"

I think Mom and son public displays of affection are coming to an end real soon. :(

Sunday, December 22, 2013


On the last day of school before Christmas break we were graced with a nice dusting of snow. School started 2 hours late for Joey so we took a shirt opportunity to play in the snow before all the rain came and melted it away. 

Oddly enough this was Van's first time playing in the snow. He was only 4 months old the last time it snowed, so naturally he was excited. 

Joey had a triple fun day. Snow delay, pajama day and a relaxing school schedule (hardly any kids showed up for school!?)

Trying out a snow angel with minimal excitement. 

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Thanksgiving came to us a little late this year. Two days prior to Thanksgiving Josh had a heart procedure called Radio Frequency Catheter Oblation. It's purpose was to help Josh's heart not go in A-Fib anymore (atrial fibrillation/irregular heartbeat). Josh came out of surgery fine and stayed in the hospital overnight to check vitals. He was home the day before Thanksgiving and quietly recovering with lots of rest. On the day of Thanksgiving I woke up a with a stomach bug. I half seriously asked a tired Josh if he wanted to cook dinner, but he just laughed. Between the two of us not feeling well we managed to take care of the kids and sleep off the stomach bug and post surgery tiredness. Thankfully the bug itself only lasted 24 hours, but of course it takes a good day to recover from being sick.

On Saturday we were all well enough to get back on our feet and celebrate the holiday. We feasted on delicious Thanksgiving food and were pleased to be joined by our good family friends, Craig and Kyle. The kids loved the turkey and Lucy sort of participated in the annual dinner by enjoying some squash (she hated it).

For us Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on the numerous blessings we have in our own personal lives. We have our health, a roof over our heads and great family and friends who not only care for us but also are willing participants in making memories with our children. Life is not always easy but we are grateful that God has bestowed upon us his great blessings of love and happiness.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Halloween is such a special time for our family. Josh absolutely loves the holiday. I like the costumes. Joey likes the candy. And well Van and Lucy are at the mercy of what I want them to wear.
Joey had his costume picked out ever since last Halloween. He wanted to be a cop and I thought what better way to do a family costume then making us dress as cops and robbers? We featured Lucy as the money bag (in the baby bjorn) and Josh and I as the robbers while the boys took on cop duty.

 Halloween itself didn't go quite as planned though. The night before I sprained my ankle playing volleyball. My mom was awesome and came over that night to help me out with the kids. With Josh working early I had no way of getting Lucy down the stairs in the morning. I ended up going to the drop in clinic to get it examined. No break or tears but a nasty sprain. They sent me on my way with an ankle brace and a prescription.

Thankfully by the time trick or treating rolled around the meds kicked in and the brace did its job so my Mom and I were able to walk with the kids. Joey played the big brother card well and held Van's hand the entire time. They both had a blast getting lots of candy.