Saturday, November 2, 2013


Halloween is such a special time for our family. Josh absolutely loves the holiday. I like the costumes. Joey likes the candy. And well Van and Lucy are at the mercy of what I want them to wear.
Joey had his costume picked out ever since last Halloween. He wanted to be a cop and I thought what better way to do a family costume then making us dress as cops and robbers? We featured Lucy as the money bag (in the baby bjorn) and Josh and I as the robbers while the boys took on cop duty.

 Halloween itself didn't go quite as planned though. The night before I sprained my ankle playing volleyball. My mom was awesome and came over that night to help me out with the kids. With Josh working early I had no way of getting Lucy down the stairs in the morning. I ended up going to the drop in clinic to get it examined. No break or tears but a nasty sprain. They sent me on my way with an ankle brace and a prescription.

Thankfully by the time trick or treating rolled around the meds kicked in and the brace did its job so my Mom and I were able to walk with the kids. Joey played the big brother card well and held Van's hand the entire time. They both had a blast getting lots of candy.