Sunday, October 20, 2013

5 months. Time is flying!

My Dear Lucy,

Time is going by too fast. I sat here on the computer and scrolled through pictures of you as a newborn. It's hard to believe that 5 short months ago you were born. Things have changed drastically since then (in a good way). What a blessing you are. What a blessing all three of my children are! You, my Lucy, are somethings special. All of my babies have been so widely different, but you are just so easy going. I think God knew that when you came that I needed a pass. You are content, you aren't bothered by all the noise (boys) and you just enjoy sleeping and being held and nursing.
Life is CRAZY right now. I don't want to forget all the little memories you are making for our family. Your brothers love you an insane amount! You may not believe it later down the road, but these boys hug you and kiss you like you are the queen and worship you!
I love you my Lucy Goosey!

love, mommy